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© SIphotography

Most of us use computers every day, either at work or on our own time. Can you remember the last time you went a day without using a device of some kind?

So it’s not surprising that so many of us experience the effects of eye strain. Eye strain can manifest itself in the form of sore, red eyes, eye spasms, and increased feelings of fatigue.

It’s important to know the signs and take measures to prevent eye strain when using a computer for long periods of time. Here a few things you can do to avoid eye strain.

1.) Take Enough Breaks-

Perhaps the best way to avoid eye strain is to simply take breaks. You should step away from your computer for at least ten minutes every hour.

This gives your eyes a chance to relax and recover. This rule also applies to smart phones and tablets.

You can get eye strain from using those devices just as easily as you can using a traditional desk top. And remember, it’s always best if you can step outside and let your eyes get some natural light.

2.) Glare And Lighting-

When you’re on your computer, it’s best to reduce ambient light by turning down the overheads (you can replace them with dimmer floor lamps). Drawing the curtains, and positioning your computer so it’s facing away from windows and harsh light sources is also important.

Adjust your screen settings to make using it for long periods of time as comfortable as possible.

3.) Get A Comprehensive Eye Exam-

If you spend a lot of time on a computer (especially a full 8 hour work day), it’s vital you get a comprehensive eye exam annually. Computers put a lot of strain on the eyes, so you need to pay extra attention to keeping them healthy if you spend a lot of time on them.

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