According to the National Eye Institute, injuries are the leading cause of blindness in American children, with most injuries involving school-aged children resulting from participation in sports.

It sounds kind of scary until you realize you can protect your children from eye injuries during sports with simple protective eyewear.

kids eye

Protective eye glasses and goggles are made from heavy duty polycarbonate, and are designed to take hits regular glasses can’t. If your children wear contacts or glasses, you can have them made in their particular prescription.

Your children’s vision is priceless and needs to be protected whenever they play sports. Even if your children are in a league that doesn’t require protective eye-wear, it’s still your responsibility to put your kids in the right protective gear.

You might think the only sports your kids really need to wear protective eyewear for are the ones involving fast moving projectiles. Sure, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, softball, and soccer all have the obvious danger of getting hit it the eye with a fast moving ball.

But other sports are just as dangerous for your kid’s eyes.

Karate, archery, paintball, sport shooting, and even rock climbing and hiking all have great potential to result in serious eye injury. So make sure your children’s eyes are protected during these sports, too.

A good way to get your kids involved in wearing protective eyewear is to let them have a say in picking their glasses or goggles. Letting them pick a particular design or color may even get them excited at the prospect of adopting protective eyewear during sports.

Always be sure your getting the right kind of protective gear for the right sport. Wrap around protection or side shields will give your children protection from hits they can’t see coming from their periphery.

Remember, it doesn’t take much to lose an eye due to serious sports injuries. Make sure your kids are protected.

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