Living an active lifestyle can do wonders for your physical, emotional and spiritual health, but with everything we do there are potential risks. April has been designated as Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month and Spektacles wants to remind our clients to take care of their eyes while enjoying an active lifestyle.

cyclist with safety glassesSports and outdoor activities can pose a risk to our eye health if we don’t wear proper eye protection and this is especially critical for children and young adults.

Here are a few reminders about how to protect your eyes while enjoying sports and outdoor recreation.

Sunglasses– Don’t take your eye health lightly when it comes to the sunshine. We all know the dangers of overexposure to our skin, but we often don’t think about the damage the same rays can do to our unprotected eyes. Ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB), can be protected against with the right sunglasses. Sports that involve being near the water particularly pose a need for protective eyewear.

High Risk Sports– Sports like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, and racket sports pose significant risk to the eyes. When you or your child participate in these activities, it’s important to wear safety glasses made of shatterproof polycarbonate for protection. Snow Skiing is another high speed sport, often taking place in rugged terrain filled with obvious dangers for the unprotected eye, so wear approved goggles on the slopes and protect your eyes while enjoying winter sports too.

General risks– Many sports and outdoor leisure activities we don’t generally associate with eye injuries pose significant risks to our eye health. Both mountain and street biking put our eyes at risk if there were to be a collision or fall. Trail running, hiking, and rock climbing have similar threat potential.

Here at Spektacles, we want to see you enjoy yourself and remember to care for your eyes while enjoying sports and leisure activities during the month of April and all through the year!

Sports activities aren’t the only time to take care of your eyes! Read more about how to protect your eyes at work.

We should never take the health of our eyes for granted. Remember these basic tips to keep your eyes healthy and safe while participating in sports activities. If you are experiencing issues with your eyes or vision or would like to explore your options for improving the health of your eyes, one of our expert eye professionals is happy to help.

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