According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 2,000 workers suffer an eye injury at work every day in the United States. The dangers are many, and it’s vital for American workers to take good care of their eyes while on the job.

Wearing the proper protective eye wear is vital to keeping your eyes healthy on the job.

safety goggles

Workplace eye injuries come in many forms. Slivers of material like metal, wood, or concrete can impact the eye. Distracted workers can walk into things or suffer falls. Dangerous chemicals can splash into workers’ eyes. Some occupations run the risk of infection from bodily fluids.

If you work in an industrial environment and are in contact with harmful chemicals, it’s also vital to learn where the eyewash stations are and how to properly use them. Welders and the people around them face the risk of UV radiation burns, so be sure you’re wearing the properly rated protective eye wear.

It’s important to remember that eye protection isn’t universal. What might keep your eyes perfectly safe on one job might be insufficient on another. For instance, the protective glasses doctors and dentists wear to protect themselves from infection on the job would provide very little comfort to an industrial welder.

It’s common sense really, but always follow the protocols in your particular workplace.

Depending on the particular hazards, protective gear includes safety glasses, goggles, protective face shields, and even respirators. Whatever type you use, make sure it fits you properly. Your protection is useless if it falls off when you need it most. Make sure your eye wear is rated for the job you’re doing.

You’ve only got one pair of eyes. Be sure you take good care of them!

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