Whether at work or on our own time, it’s not unusual for us to spend hours on our computers and devices every day. If we spend too much time staring at a screen, we may begin to experience the symptoms of eye strain.

Man rubbing his eyes


Eye strain from computer use can cause fatigue, headaches, and itchy and burning red eyes.

There are a number of ways to prevent eye strain.Try some of these ideas the next time you’re on your devices.

Take Frequent Breaks-

One of the best ways to prevent eye strain is to simply take a ten minute break away from your devices every hour. Sometimes, all your eyes need to stay healthy is a few minutes free of staring at screens.

Dim The Lights-

Close the blinds and dim your overhead lights if possible. You should generally try to reduce natural ambient light by half when you’re on your computer.

Use lower power bulbs or disregard the overhead lights altogether and use dimmer floor or desk lamps.


Generally speaking, when we work on our computers, we blink less. This causes our eyes to dry out. Short of consciously making the decision to blink more (which is a good idea), it may be wise to keep some lubricating eye drops handy while you’re on your devices for lengthy periods of time.

Turn It Down-

The brightness settings on your screen can contribute to eye strain. Try making sure your display is equal to your surroundings in brightness. If it’s too bright or too dark it may be putting stress on your eyes. These are just a few tips for reducing eye strain. See if they work for you the next time you have serious screen time.

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