March is “Save Your Vision Month,” an awareness campaign brought to you by the American Optometric Association, and the staff here at Spektacles wants to encourage you to take a moment to consider your eye health. Today’s fast paced digital world can be hard on your eyes in many ways. The modern need for speedy service and convenience has affected the way many American think about their eye health. Here are some things to remember.

Eye Exams-

There simply is no substitute for a comprehensive annual eye exam from your eye doctor. Phone apps and tests found on the internet cannot even begin to come close to the thorough exam you receive from your eye care provider. Don’t risk your vision for convenience. Make your annual eye exam a priority.

Take Breaks From Your Devices-

These days, we all spend a lot of time on our electronic devices, be it our laptops, smartphones, desktops, or tablets. It’s important to remember how much strain our devices and computer use can put on our eyes. Don’t neglect your eyes: take a ten minute break from your devices every hour.

The Cheap Option Isn’t Always A Good Idea-

The American Optometric Association reports that about half of all eyeglasses purchased online have some kind of problem, most often involving an incorrect prescription. You can save yourself the trouble by getting your eyeglasses from your eye care provider. The attention to proper fitting, comfort, and just making certain the prescription is right for you will pay off in the long run. When choosing eyeglasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses, do it in house with a professional eye care provider. You’ll save time and avoid dealing with returns and waiting for delivery.

The staff here at Spektacles urge you to take good care of your eyes. After all, you only get one pair. If you’re in the Cardiff area, call us today at 760-452-2895 to set up an appointment for your comprehensive eye exam.